Gold Studio Academy | I Promise You It’s EASY

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I Help hairstylist find an easier understanding of haircutting

in a failproof way that applies to all textures, every shape, and every haircut so you can feel confident serving all people.

Presley Poe

23 years ago I started my career as a cosmetologist knowing that I would have a more full range experience.  I was lucky enough to go to a diverse school that gave me some insight into skin, nails and all hair types.       

For my first 10 years as a practitioner I operated without social media doing all hair for all people with no documentation. When I moved to the PNW in 2014 I began the wild ride of  social media and pretty quickly became the Head Colorist of PRAVANA. In about a year I started traveling the country teaching cutting as well and developing the techniques that you see today. 

About 2 years into my  career as a platform artist I started to see that not only were the tools we were given in school not working in the salon but they didn’t seem to make sense to other people when presented on stage.

I saw that when I would teach cutting people would light up and even if they didn’t understand the verbage. With color the comprehension  seemed even more difficult for folks.  So I decided, that’s it, I’m going to bridge the gap!  This is where everything changed….

I wanted to meld our worlds and show that coloring and cutting were not so different and that we could in fact have a universal language.  I had the idea to start implementing cutting techniques with color application  and BOOM. I had em. The eyes  lit up and the brains were on fire. Next I started to integrate color theory and color placement into haircutting design, this is where my signature  Interactive Cutting  curriculum was born!

It is here for the last decade that I have worked tirelessly  to create a comprehensive easy to use guide that will provide you with full spectrum education. Come along with me and learn how to formulate haircuts like color and see that our worlds are in fact one and the same. 

This is going to be a whole different type of learning. I promise you that doing hair is easy, that there is enough room for all of us, that supporting each other is cool, and that you are perfect as you are!