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Join me on this journey to understanding how to easily create shape, volume and movement on any hair texture with my fail-proof Interactive Hair Cutting method.

Interactive Haircutting

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Signature Series

Do you want to master the 3 fundamentals of haircutting so that you can feel confident executing every haircut, no matter the texture? This is for you!

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Is there a specific shape you want to learn how to create? You've come to the right place.

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The discovery

What if I told you haircutting can be easy?

By mastering the 3 fundamentals of haircutting, you can feel confident in your own ability to break down inspiration pictures, formulate the haircut plan, and flawlessly execute the haircut every single time, no matter the texture.

This is the solution to actually understanding all the information you’ve already been taught, and actually using it in your everyday life behind the chair.

In this class you’ll learn Presley’s signature Interactive Cutting Technique, which teaches you how to use your clients body as a tool behind the chair to create movement, volume, or deconstructed weight on highly textured (or really any texture) hair.

While the techniques you learn will allow you to mix and match shapes and hair cutting fundamentals to easily create any look, the finish for this class will be a shag meets full volume.

I've been in your shoes.

What if I told you haircutting can be easy?

Thank you Presley for a fantastic class. I feel so much more confident and there are some things in my head that just fell into place. I can´t wait to learn more.

Hi, I'm Presley

My 23 Years of Experience Has fueled my Drive To mesh the worlds of cutting and color.

I’ve spent the last 9 years on stages and various platforms collecting data so that we can have a universal approach to all hair types. I wanted to find the ways that hair reacts collectively and deliver techniques that gives us an outcome we can predict. A way of thinking and working that embraces every texture and is fail proof in execution. 

In my experience I realized that though we had been given the fundamentals of hair cutting we were not taught how to actually apply them in the salon atmosphere. Like many of us, I found myself being burnt out behind the chair with a sore back and inconsistent results. I have questioned this training module throughout my career, and found the answers during my days as a platform artist and educator. 

My journey to Interactive Cutting has not been linear.  The answers I sought came to me in bits and pieces over thousands of hours of work and I want to give them to you! It is with that thought process  the haircutting wheel was born. 

I made it my mission to revolutionize the way we see haircutting. No longer are we building different boxes for  hair types but rather blowing the lid off the boundaries that have been put on us!  I ask you to open your minds to the possibility that everything is connected and much easier than we ever thought possible.

You might be wondering...

What makes the interactive cutting technique different from other haircutting and curly cutting classes?

You’re not just going to learn one single look. Instead, you’ll learn:

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Imagine This

Honestly, I thought maybe I wouldn’t understand much of the class. I’m newly licensed and this is only the second continuing education class I’ve taken, first online class since I graduated. I was overwhelmed with the assumptions made about what everyone in the class knew and I didn’t understand everything. I took the class I mentioned hoping once I’m a little more experienced it would click, but I feel like Presley’s class was not like that at all. I felt like it was presented as simple as possible and it’s probably easier for me to digest since I just started my career as a hairstylist and I’m not “set in my ways” when it comes to “rules” and techniques.

Did you know?

65% of the population has some sort of curl or wave to their hair.

By only servicing straight textures you limit your market to 35% of the population!

Which leads to the question…

What is not mastering all textures costing you?

If you’re ready to feel confident with every haircut on all textures…

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