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Mind. Body. Business.

I want to give you the resources that I never had. These tools have helped me mind, body, and business. Below you will find entities that have aided my in my journey. I hope that they are a divine resource for you as well.

hairstylist website designer

Presley Says...

Laura has been an incredible resource of growth in my personal development. She’s consistent and passionate not only in her delivery of work but communication as well. A solid team can be difficult to build but I am grateful to have this person by my side making me feel and be more professional by the day. 

Laura Nelson Virtual Assistant, LLC


Hey, I’m Laura! I became a website designer through my love of being a salon studio owner. I knew having a website was important (thank you Britt Seva for being the first person to ever teach me anything about marketing) but it wasn’t until I was a few months into studio ownership that I realized just how impactful it really is.

For the first time ever I was booking exclusively dream clients, reaching a whole new audience that wasn’t finding me on social media, and ranking on Google as a top salon in my area.

I started helping friends create or update their own websites, and before I knew it my career shifted to focus on website design specifically for the beauty industry. These days

My passion is strategizing websites for hairstylists and salon owners that showcases their brand experience and magnetizes dream guests.

I’ve also recently expanded my reach into website development for industry educators, like this website I created for Presley!

Presley Says...

So much power in such a small person! It’s hard to describe the impact that Elizabeth Faye can make in your life. Simply being in her energy and receiving her gift of perspective is in and of itself life altering. 10/10 recommend Hair Love University.

Hair Love University by Elizabeth Faye


We know it takes a lot more than good beauty education to thrive in this industry. Here at Hair Love University we combine the best in business, beauty, wellness, and community.
Our fresh education approach is empowering thousands of hair professionals to flourish and make a wealthy living doing what they love. We have an abstract teaching style that caters to creative thinkers.

As a leading education brand, we are know for creating one-of-a-kind education experiences for hairstylists, salon owners & educators that are serious about their craft and well-being, and want to run their business like a business. We do this through our famous yearly retreat—Hair Love Retreat, our online coaching programs, courses, our popular podcast, and of course, the Hair Love Community. 

Presley Says...

Chrystal has been a powerhouse of inspiration in my life and my business. Her wealth of knowledge is invaluable in our industry and has helped me in many ways as I know they can you.

Liquid Hair Institute by Chrystal L.

Helping Salon Owners Build Legacies – Not Burn Out.

Throughout my journey in the beauty industry, I’ve truly seen and done it all: from booth renting to owning and operating various salon structures. I’ve been instrumental in building salon suites, pioneering hybrid salons, and ultimately owning a commission salon.

This extensive journey led me to a pivotal moment: a successful sale of my salon, setting the foundation for a fulfilling retirement.

Each step provided more lessons, refining my strategies for business success and optimal profitability. I know the challenges that current and aspiring salon owners face, and I’ve tailored my expertise to help. Whether it’s team-building, profitability tactics, or planning growth, I’ve walked this path and I’m here to help you slay every step of the way! 

Join our Liquid Community and slay the challenges of salon ownership with ease.

Connect with experts and peers who understand your journey, and benefit from insights, resources, and exclusive offers designed to boost your profitability and success. With us, you’re crafting a prosperous future, and we’re here for you every step of the way.

Presley Says...

The EO is a collective group of passionate like minded individuals who use their life and experience to aid and assist in your growth process as a business owner.

It has been incredible to be in the room with these like minded people, even though our passions are different. It has been a bountiful resource for me as I know it can be for you as well.

Entrepreneurs' Organization

Find your place among the world’s leaders

For belonging, connection, growth opportunities, and learning, EO is a community for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs – purpose-built to help individual leaders go farther than they ever thought possible.

We welcome successful, established, business owners of every sector, culture, industry and geography into a diverse global network of leaders who drive the world forward.

We focus support on the whole of an entrepreneur — beyond the enterprise — because thriving businesses come from thriving people and cultures.

And we believe that magic comes from the continuous sharing of one’s journey and the collective wisdom of learning from peers.

In EO, we belong, so we can be more.

Join us. And together, we will grow.