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It's my goal to change the world's view of hairstylists...

And it starts with YOU!

Poes Painters

If I can help us in any way to be and appear more professional behind the chair, slay haircuts of every kind and color the world with confidence we can elevate the world’s view of what we do! I believe that we are just as important as doctors and are the practitioners and messengers of self-love.

To me hairstylists are the ultimate superheroes! It is in our chair that people experience:

And so much more…

This is my ADVOCACY! Hair is how I do good in the world and I want to spread that message while teaching us how to have boundaries with our energy and time, while blowing the lid off the limits the world tries to put on us.

This is going to be a whole different type of learning. I promise you that doing hair is easy, that there is enough room for all of us, that supporting each other is cool, and that you are perfect as you are!

I ask you as a Poes Painter to be you, to show up fully every day, and to extend kindness in the face of negativity. Help me to carve space with love in this industry for a more united and inclusive mentality. To stand up, get off the salon floor, and present as the professionals that we are! Let’s live greatly!

– Presley Poe

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